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Heartworm Disease

Did you know that a single mosquito can cause a deadly disease in your pet? http://bit.ly/2ooCKkA

Do you know the prevalence of heartworm disease in your area? http://bit.ly/2CKrz94

Pet Toxins

Planting in your garden this spring? Did you know there are many plants that can be toxic to your pets? http://bit.ly/2k75ytn

Did you know a simple trick could save your pet’s life? http://bit.ly/2AJvPnV

Monthly Posts

Can an old dog learn new tricks? http://bit.ly/2zjkyMN

How much do you know about your pet’s dental health? Take this quiz to find out! http://bit.ly/2lqc52U

Selfie Sunday: Share your most recent selfie with your pet!

Pet of the Month: Share a picture of a patient that visited your clinic that month!

Does your dog chew things they shouldn’t? Check out these training tips to help! http://bit.ly/2J2CDUX

Did you know? A dog or cat knows a thunderstorm is approaching because they can sense the fall in barometric pressure.

Don’t forget to brush your dog before bath time! Trust us, it will be much easier and more effective then after his coat is wet.

Did you know? Skin problems are one of the top reasons for veterinarian visits. Fortunately, there is a wide range of treatment options. Your veterinarian can help choose the best treatment for you and your dog.

“Kittens can happen to anyone.” ―Paul Gallico

Holiday Posts

The most common behavior problems associated with loud noises, like thunderstorms, are destruction and escaping. Ensure your pet is safe by keeping their identification up to date and considering microchipping. Also, give your pet a “safe space” or den to say in when storms hit or fireworks season arrives.

Does your furry friend have their own stocking? We want to see! Post a picture of your pet and their Christmas spirit in the comments below.

Boarding your cat for the holidays? Try and bring some comforts from home such as their favorite bed, food, and treats.

The holidays are almost here! Let us spoil your pet while you’re out of town. Reserve your pet’s spot today.

Dental Posts

Did you know? As many as 85% of pets will develop dental disease in their lifetime. Schedule your pet’s dental exam and cleaning today to help prevent serious issues down the road.

Did you know? Studies in dogs have shown that periodontal disease is associated with microscopic changes in the heart, liver, and kidneys. By keeping your pet’s teeth clean, you may be able to prevent long-term, serious health issues.

Do dogs and cats have the same number of teeth? No. Dogs have 42 adult teeth and cats have 30. People have 32.

Bad dog breath in your face? Have your dog’s mouth checked for dental disease by your veterinarian.

Need some interesting facts to post during Dental Month? Click Here for Shareable Facts

Feline Posts

Did you know cats are natural hunters? You can mimic this at home by hiding food around your house for your cat to find. There are toys and food bowls you can use to fulfill your cat’s hunting need. Ask us for more tips!

Where’s your cat’s favorite place to sunbathe? Post pics of your cat soaking up the sun below…

How many litter boxes should you have? The rule of thumb for litter boxes is n + 1. This means you should have 1 more litter box than the number of cats you have.

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