The Key to Success is Your Brand

The goal when creating any social media strategy is to build your brand. We want to help build and strengthen your brand through your social media platforms. Let us help you use these platforms to drive business through your front door.

Name Recognition.

We want your clients to see your clinic as a readily available source. When wading through all of the veterinary advice given out over the internet we want your clients to look to your website or social media first. Why, because they know your clinic to be a reputable source.

When their dog is making a funny sneezing noise at 2 am and the client sits down to Dr. Google the issue, in the back of their mind they will remember the video you shared on reverse sneezing just a few days prior. They will then direct to your page and hear your, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine Voice, explain the concept of a reverse sneeze.  After viewing the video again they realize that their pet is doing the exact same motion.

There is nothing worse than a client who asks/takes advice from Dr. Google over you as a medical professional. By getting your clinic’s name out into the world of social media we hope to help redirect your clients back to you and through the front door of your office for their pet’s medical advice.

Your Brand

In the world of veterinary medicine, your clinic is your brand. Building your brand starts on the treatment room floor, into the exam room with the client, to the receptionist’s answering the phone and all the way into your social media presence. While you work to build the in-person side of the clinic interacting with clients, we work to build your brand on the web by interacting with your clients on the internet. Our goal is to extend the same messages/emotions you convey in your clinic over your social media.

The more we build your brand the more name recognition comes from the community and the goal is then to drive those people who know and trust your brand into the clinic’s front door while sharing with their friends. The more people through the door the better for your business.





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