With Facebook’s ever-changing algorithm, it can be a full-time job just keeping up with it. Most businesses have a Business Page but how do all of these changes affect marketing for your business.

With keeping up with the changes we can create posts on Facebook to maximize reach and engagement.

From linking groups to sharing videos, we will help your business stay on top of the ever-changing algorithm. With the newest update, engagement bait posts will hold little value. Words like “Share this” or “Like” and “comment” all directly in the post can have a negative effect on the reach that post gets.

Recently, the “name game” post made its rounds on some veterinary facebook pages. The goal was people to comment their pet’s names and then the clinic reply if those names were unique to the clinic or how many animals by that name the clinic saw as patients. For some, this has enormous reach generating hundreds of comments and boosting their overall engagement. Many clinics saw subsequent posts generating a higher reach due to the algorithm registering the large engagement number. Facebook, however, has caught on to this artificial elevation of engagement and with the newest update restricted these engagement bait posts by not sharing these into news feeds.

How will do you keep generating large engagement posts to move your clinic’s page up in the algorithm?

Fresh content is key to keep followers interested and interacting with your clinic. This can be achieved through a well-balanced content calendar. Building a content calendar can seem like a daunting challenge but with a few key points can turn into a creative brainstorm. The steps every veterinary content calendar generator should take will be discussed in the following blog.

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