Apps You NEED, Apps You WANT, Apps that will make your life EASIER while on a Budget!

These apps will help make your life in the veterinary social media world easier. From helping with content to helping post at peak times and helping you connect with clients these are the apps you will want in your toolkit.


This allows you not only to track your presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram but other clinics in your area as well.  Also, connect it to your Business Google account and track reviews. Track how posts similar to yours fair and see what types of posts work for other clinics. Track other clinic’s audience across the top three social platforms to see how your clinic compares.

The app alerts you to popular posts and allows you to save them for ideas and inspiration later.  Receive weekly emails detailing how well your posts did compare to the top posts of other clinics you watch.

When your time is short this app helps you gather ideas and data easily and quickly.

The best part is it is free!



With the ability to schedule posts on Twitter and Facebook to save time while making sure your social media accounts are active. Schedule in advance to make sure you capitalize on holidays and pre-planned events.

From your smartphone or desktop, you can stay on top to posting at peak times on each social media platform. Post the same post across all platforms or design a post specifically for each platform.

Monitor all aspects of your accounts with multiple different streams through this app. With the free version, basic reporting features for some platforms are available. If you want more in-depth reporting you will need to upgrade your account.

Add three social media platforms for free.



Use this app to make your content stand out. From creating awesome social graphics to intriguing Facebook covers. You can do it all with this app.

Free pictures and graphics are available as well have some which are $1. Templates for anything and everything your clinic will need is included. From business cards, logos, social media graphics, GIFs, flyers, brochures and much more!

This will be the only design tool needed in your toolkit.

The free edition has an abundance of designs and features available.



Great to plan Instagram Posts. You can save hashtags you use often and paste them into each post to save time. Make sure your Instagram account is active and posting at the peak times for your clinic.

Visually plan your content on Instagram with this amazing app. You can use the website on your computer or the app on your smartphone while on the go to schedule and keep up with your account.

This great tool also allows you to track your posts and see which are successful with the most likes and comments. Basic reporting features are free.

The free edition allows one Instagram account and 30 planned posts per month.


This tool quickly integrates into your browsers to help when writing content. This a great proofreading tool to have in your toolkit. It is not only spellchecking but much more! From Facebook posts to website content, this tool is always working to keep your content grammatically correct.

There are always veterinary terms that standard dictionaries do not understand. With this tool it can learn these veterinary terms, making it easy to write veterinary specific content.

A quick, free, easy download.




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