Step Right Up! Are Social Media Contests Right For Your Business?

Contests can help grow your business in many ways!

A well-run contest can help generate engagement and reach on your social profiles and potentially reach new clients. Some can help generate leads to add to your mailing list, potential new clients can see your services offered and followers can meet your business. Contests also help get the name of your business out in the world of social media.

How do you generate a well run social media contest?


First, generate a goal. What do you hope to accomplish with running this contest? Are you looking to spread awareness of an event your business is participating in? Are you trying to build your email newsletter list?

Then how will you approach reaching this goal? Some contests can help reach the desired goal through the nature of how they run. Are you running a sweepstake, a photo contest or a referral program? Does your contest want to increase social sharing? Also, choose a specific time frame in which your contest will run and social platforms it will encompass. What requirements will you have for your followers to enter into your contest?

Finally, choose the prize to be offered. Tying the contest to promotions, specials or events currently running in your business can help generate business through your front door. If the goal is to attract new clients, pick a prize that appeals to getting new clients into your business.

After answering these questions the basis for your social media contest is complete, all that is left is to execute it. Remember to promote it too!

Specific Types of Social Media Contests

Sweepstakes- This type of contest is a raffle. Have your followers sign up with their email, or opt-in through commenting and then pick a random winner. This contest can help build your email list and engagement at the same time.

How can you use this in your business? Raffle off some business goodies( t-shirt, pens, leashes, treats) if your followers comment on a post about your business.

Want to Win SOME Clinic SWAG.png

Photo Contest- This contest encourages followers to share photos either by commenting, specific hashtags, or tagging your business. Instagram lends itself to being the perfect platform for photo contests. Photo contests are a great way to build engagement and reach.

How can you use this in your business? Everyone in the veterinary world knows February is dental month, have your followers share pictures of their pets smiles for an extra incentive if they bring their pet in for a dental.

Its Dental Month.png

Caption Contest- A reverse of the photo contest, encourage your followers to create their own caption for your photo. Have them comment their caption under your photo. Caption contests also help to build engagement and reach.

How can you use this in your business? Do you have a clinic pet? Post a picture of their great facial expressions and have your followers caption what they think your clinic pet is thinking.

What is Smokey thinking_.png

Vote Contest- Have your followers vote for a post.  This helps generate engagement and reach on your social profiles.

How can you use this in your business? Do you have a new clinic pet? Have a clinic pet that needs a new middle name? Have your follower vote on a name is a great way to get them to engage with your business.

explore (1).png

Referral Contest- This contest can help generate new clients while also rewarding current clients. By offering an incentive code over your social profiles, allow clients to receive an incentive when they book an appointment at your business. Or offer an incentive for the current client to encourage someone they know to call your business or set up an appointment

How can you use this in your business? Advertise a code for clients to use to receive a free nail trim or bath when they visit your business. As a bonus set different codes for different social platforms to better track where your clients are seeing your business.

Mention _Pitter Patter_ for a free nail trim next time your in the clinic


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