Veterinary Holidays that MUST be included in your content

Including these veterinary holidays in your social media content are a great way to keep your audience engaged and active with your posts.


National Train Your Dog Month-

Have your followers share videos or pictures of their pets tricks.  Running a video contest can quickly get your audience involved. This also allows you to share tips and tricks to help your followers achieve a perfectly trained Fido.

Do you have a pet training program at your business? This is a great month to highlight these services offered. Have a client in the clinic that is willing to show off? Incorporate videos of your patients showing off their skills during their visit to your business.

The AKC has some great resources to share with your followers, to help them train their pooches. Click here to see the training techniques.

Instagram and Facebook are great platforms to run video contests on and this topic can be dispersed through your entire January content calendar.


National Dental Month-

More than likely your running a dental special. February is the magical dental month in veterinary medicine. Highlight your special and advertise  Don’t forget to remind your audience why dentals are needed for their pets.

Find your best of the worst poodle mouths. While your scaling and cleaning shoot some great before and after pictures. Using an image editor line them up and let your audience choose what they would rather their pet’s teeth look like.

Vetstreet has great content to share on your social media. Click here to see their dental health information.

Do you have dental products sold at your business? Encourage your audience to share how they are using those products helping their pets keep up with their dental health.


Poison Prevention Week March 18-24th

Highlight toxins that can harm your patients. While this is only one week during the month, toxins can be highlighted all month. The ASPCA Animal Poison Control has many resources you can use when creating posts. Click here to see what is available.

Do you have a current toxin case in the clinic? With the approval of the owner, share their story. Everyone’s pet has gotten in the trash or into something else they shouldn’t. Share what made this dangerous for this patient. We always hope for the best outcome, so when they are happy and healthy back with their owners, share the successful outcome.


National Heartworm Awareness Month

This is a great month to help highlight the importance of heartworm prevention. The American Heartworm Society has great resources to use in your social media content that is posted. Click here to check out the American Heartworm Society content.

Have your clients share pictures or videos of their pet taking their heartworm prevention. Show others how easy it is for their pets to be fully protected. Instagram and Facebook are great platforms to show these.

Is there a special for buying 12 months of prevention at your business? Share these specials. Talk to the manufactures, Elanco, Merial, or Merck, for shareable content to post on all platforms.


National Chip Your Pet Month

Show your followers the importance of microchipping. The microchip manufacturers have great shareable content. HomeAgain has some great reunion videos as well as other videos. Check out the videos here.

Have a client getting microchipped in your clinic. Shoot a quick video to share how easy it is for other followers to see.

Has a client’s pet gone missing and returned due to their microchip? Share their story. A short video of the client telling their personal story is great content.



Partner with a local rescue or shelter and help highlight adoptable cats and kittens. Have adoptable cats staying at your clinic? Highlight their stories with cute pictures and videos.

Talk to clients to have adopted cats and ask them to share their stories. Cute pictures of the pet and their new family can be shared also.

American Humane has a checklist for anyone looking to adopt a cat. Click here to share it on your social media.

Working with a local rescue or shelter helps build connections while also helping homeless animals.


Beat the Heat

July is in the middle of summer and temperatures are rising. Discussing how to help your followers protect their pets from the heat can be shared. Do you have a doctor that doesn’t mind being in front of the camera? Have them discuss the harmful effects of overheating in a short video.

Encourage followers to share pictures and videos of how their pets are beating the heat. The Spruce has a good article to share regarding Heat Stroke symptoms. Click here to see the article.

Anyone up for the hot car challenge? There are a couple of great videos out there of humans sitting in a parked car in the sun and the unbelievable effects. Have your staff shoot a short video to show the effects, make sure they stay hydrated and healthy.

Have a YouTube Channel? Share these videos on your channel.


National Immunization Awareness Month

Share pictures and videos of patients in to get their annual vaccinations. Highlight your annual wellness services for both canines and felines. What do you include in your wellness visits? Have your doctors share a short video of the importance of annual wellness visits?

Pet Partners has a great story about the need to vaccinate your pets. Click here to share the story with your followers.

Have your doctors very found something on a wellness exam that the owner was unaware of at the time? Have the client share their story, of how early detection was key during the wellness exam.


National Disaster Preparedness Month

Do your followers have an emergency plan that involves their pets in case of an emergency? Help your followers with creating and forming an emergency plan for their pets. FEMA has a great article to help your clients create a preparedness plan. Click here to share on your social media.

Pet Emergency Kits. What do your doctors recommend be placed in an emergency kit? Do your clients have current tags and microchips for their pets? Share content from your microchipping manufactures.

With all the natural disasters going on around the country, there are some amazing stories of animals lost and being reunited. These are great articles to share on Twitter.



Partner with a local rescue or shelter to help highlight the homeless animals needing homes. Share cute pictures and videos of the animals needing homes.

Talk to clients who have rescue dogs and have them share their stories of how they met their new best friends.  Are they in the clinic? Ask them to shoot a quick video of their adorable fur baby.

ASPCA has ways your followers can help during Adopt-a-Dog-Month. Click here to share this content with your followers.

Are your staff free for a weekend? Have them volunteer to walk dogs at your local shelter and bring the camera along. Great pictures and videos will help the homeless animals find homes and follower engagement on your profiles. A facebook live video of your staff and the pups can have great reach.


National Senior Pet Month

Unfortunately getting old is unavoidable. As your patient’s age, highlight the services you offer to keep them healthy and happy longer. Discuss the importance of annual bloodwork? Your reference lab should be able to supply some shareable content on the importance of bloodwork.

Encourage follower to share pictures and videos of their senior pets and their favorite things. Highlight any senior pets visiting the clinic.

AVMA has senior care guidelines to share with your followers. Click here to see the Senior Pet Care.


Christmas and New Years

With a month full of holiday celebration help your followers safely celebrate the holidays with their pets. Have your staff discuss holiday precautions in short videos that can be easily shared.

Do you board or pet sit? Highlight these services with everyone traveling around the holidays. Remind your, clients, to book early and show off your cute boarders for your followers to see.


Always make sure you have your clients permission to share pictures, video or stories. There are many other Pet Holidays out there your clinic can celebrate. Remember to use the holiday to highlight your services as well as engage your followers. An even balance will keep your audience interested and checking back each month to see what is going on with your business.

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