Pets can have New Year’s resolutions too!

This is the time of year when gym membership is at an all-time high. Everybody is eating healthier and making good decisions. When your clients and followers are setting their New Years resolutions for themselves, their pets can join them.

New Years Resolutions

Encourage your followers to share their New Years resolutions on your profiles. Start by sharing yours and your staffs. Have a clinic pet? Share your clinic pet’s New Years resolution. Let your followers know pets can make New Year’s resolutions also and encourage them to share their pet’s.

With Facebook’s new restriction on engagement bait and algorithm change, be sure to not let your posts fall into that category.  Use a short video from your clinic pets or staff to introduce your New Years resolutions. Images of your clinic pets and their New Years resolutions can be shared also.

Posts you can include in your January Content Calendar

  • October is traditionally obesity awareness month but you can highlight this in January through your social media when a focus on healthy weight is at the top of followers thoughts. With an estimated 59% of cats and 54% of dogs being overweight in the United States alone, obesity is definitely a topic that needs to be discussed among pet parents. The Association for Pet Obesity Prevention has many tools that can be shared on social media to help educate your followers. Click here to see the information they have.


  • Have a pet in the clinic that needs to shed some pounds? Ask your client to share updates and progress reports with your staff of their pet’s weight loss to share on your social media.


  • Highlight some healthy treat options for your followers. Discussing healthy foods for pets like apples, green beans, pumpkin or sweet potato. Toxic foods can also be highlighted.  Information gathered from the University of Minnesota Veterinary Nutrition services helps followers and clients see the actual calorie count in some premade dog treats. Click here to share the list.


  • Use Instagram as a platform to run a dog walking photo contest. Encourage shared pictures of your followers and their pets on daily walks, while becoming healthier. Staff can participate. Develop a hashtag that allows your followers to share their pictures and involve your business.



With the new year rolling in, keep your social media audience engaged and following your business page with fresh and relevant content. Encourage your staff to participate in social media activities and posts to keep your content at the top of the News Feed. Keep checking for more helpful tips and hints to make your veterinary social media easy in the new year.

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